Invented and designed in Australia

The slideAcart is your own shopping trolley that fits into your car.

It will make your shopping faster, easier and safer by eliminating many current tasks at the shop and at home.


I love the SlideACart and how easy it has made my shopping runs. It is certainly better than struggling with plastic bags and having to return the Aldi/Woolies/Coles trollery somewhere.


I love the SlideACart, Shopping is very easy now. Nice to have your own one. No more heavy bags to carry and cart to return.


I am so happy with my saves double handling.

I don't have to carry heavy groceries into the house..i move the cart from  car to the pantry... fridge.... freezer... laundry in a matter of minutes.

Would definitely recommend to all my family and friends


I am so happy that I have my own trolley and don’t have to wipe down those at the supermarket anymore. I am never really sure that wiping the trolley gets rid of the viruses. I still use some reusable bags and these help me to separate my groceries inside the SlideACart.


Your shopping experience re-envisioned